Health Safety

Safety First

Hire Station our hire partner is recognised by the Hire Association Europe Safety Certification scheme.  Hire Station were winners of the Best Hire Company 2014 with more than 5 outlets.

With every piece of kit that you hire, you'll find a service ticket and a safety operating instruction leaflet attached.

If you have any concerns or questions whatsoever about the safe operation of your hired product, contact us immediately.

Safety Training For You

Certified training is now mandatory for the assembly or operation of particular site products. Hire Station can offer on-site certification, classroom training, or hands-on training to suit the needs of your staff and sub-contractors.

Height Safety

Good safety practices and careful use of fall prevention and fall arrest devices when working at height might just save your life. Our height safety equipment will protect you and your workforce in virtually every kind of circumstance - from simple ladder tasks to access towers to roof work.

Often it can be the simplest of devices, such as a stabilising ladder foot, that will protect you from serious harm but all too frequently, everyday dangers are overlooked. But there is no need to take even the smallest risk thanks to our comprehensive range of prevention and arrest equipment.

See the full range of prevention and arrest equipment on our Access and Support page.

New Work at Height Regulations

The basic elements of the regulations are:

  • Work at height has been eliminated where possible
  • Where elimination is not possible, fall prevention measures are in place such as guard-rails, scaffold and safe working platforms
  • Where fixed measures are not possible, fall arrest systems are in place such as safety harnesses as well as other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The appropriate equipment has been selected and provided, and that it is well maintained, regularly inspected and properly used.
  • Are you following the correct procedures as recommended by the Health & Safety Executive?
  • Companies know how to choose suitable contractors and monitor their work while they are on site
  • How long will it take? Even quick jobs up a ladder can be dangerous. If you're going to be at height for longer than a few minutes, consider other alternatives.
  • Where is the job? Think about the access, the gradient and stability of the surface below, the fragility of the structure etc.
  • Have you conducted a thorough assessment of the risk?

Safety Packs

We have a range of safety packs available to suit a variety of tools and machines so don't forget to request one when you place your order or ask our staff for guidance about precisely what type of protection you will need.  Most of these are offered with a product when you book online all you have to do is select the item when you hire.