Fire Point Trolley (150300)

A mobile fire point with bell, sand bucket and two fire extinguishers.

Battery Bank Charging Station Locker (290120)

Specially designed for charging power tools, mobile phones & electrical devices - ideal for use in the site office.

Small Tool Vault (310055)

A Security Box ideal for on-site storage of tools and small plant.

Medium Tool Vault (310060)

A medium sized Security Box ideal for on-site storage of tools and small plant.

Large Tool Vault (310065)

Built with a unique anti-jemmy technology (virtually impregnable to all but the most sophisticated thief).

Fittings Cabinet and Storage Bins (310077)

This mobile storage unit will save time and money on large office blocks, developments or sites with limited storage fac...

Portable Hand Sanitiser Station (310250)

A unique solution for the immediate deployment of a central hand sanitising unit.

2 Way Radio (320030)

A fully portable communications system enabling you to maintain contact around the busiest sites at the touch of a butto...

HAVi Hire Pack (320126)

The HAVi is a monitoring and exposure recording system to be used with tools.

Full Body Safety Harness (380500)

Conforms to EN 361 CE, comfortable to wear and fully adjustable.

Inflatable Soft Landing Bag Fall Arrest System (ISLAB)

Made of durable polypropylene and filled with sealed for life air film absorbent material.

Storage Crate (SCR01)

Polypropylene Storage Crates for heavy-duty use.